Emerging From The Trees

I wasn’t sure I would be able to write this post, but my reception at me new employer has lifted my spirits and reminded me that when district leadership – from school board to district administration to building administration – does the hiring and on-boarding process right, it can make all the difference for hopeful new hires.

Now, I have worked in education for 21 years, so I understand the “Honeymoon” period as well as the next person. However, since the day I accepted my new position as Assistant Principal at DC Everest Senior High School, I believe I have experienced an intentional, well-thought-out process from interview to offer to acceptance to on-boarding. If you have only known a process like this, I have to tell you that this does not happen everywhere.

After several years of hearing “Google it” when I needed more training or felt lost, I have had access to professionals at district office who made it their mission to integrate me into the district before I even showed up for my first day of work. From HR to payroll to benefits to IT to support staff, these folks have made a potentially difficult transition as smooth as possible. Add in a welcoming staff that has treated me better than I deserve, a principal who has made sure I had whatever resources I need (including some I have yet to need), a PHE-NO-ME-NAL mentor who truly wants me to succeed, and a superintendent (@suptgilmore) who encourages me take on projects that match my interest and skill set, and you have a recipe for success.

Follow along this year as I try to make visible my challenges, opportunities and learning in my new role.


About jeffreyasee

High school assistant principal, hope dealer, writer of blogs, husband to Jenny, and father to Kaitlyn and Meghan

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