My name is Jeff See and you’ll find me on most social networks as Jeffery A. See — the joys of choosing a unique username to make it easier for others to find you!

I taught English at Oshkosh West High School for 19 years and last year earned my principal license.  I founded @OshEdcamp and continue to serve on the planning committee. I also serve on various committees focused on technology integration and community outreach including:

  1. OASD District Technology Team,
  2. Oshkosh West Technology Professional Learning Team

I’m passionate about transformational change of education.  I’ve presented at several conferences including WTI’s Fall Conference and SLATE.

In 2014-2015, I’m working as a Technology Integration Coach.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  Several years ago I decided to improving my cooking skills and learn as much as I could about grilling and BBQing.

You can also connect with me via Twitter at @jeffreyasee or on Google+ at JeffreySee.

Chicken  Grilling